Olympus EM 5 Mark II, Canon 5DS, new Sony lenses


Olympus EM 5 Mark II

Canon 5DS

New Sony lenses


A quick pre-conclusion


Canon has chosen a smart strategy to face the war of MP. They’re offering an insane amount of MP for the pros who need them. Think that 50MP and a system very kind in order to let you managed the mirror (to lock up) is a system that work with tripod.


Landscape and fashion and commercial product photographers are the target.


I don’t think that 50MP in a full frame sensor yield excellent ISO 6400. It’s obvious that ISO 1600 or 3200 will satisfy the 90% of situations when you are able to command over light sources.


This 50MP camera is not exactly a medium-format gear. The sexy Pentax 645Z, a genuine medium format, owns a 2.15 inch sensor… And you have to pay for this baby $ 8.500. The new Canon price is less than $4000. But really size matters?


When you examine at 100%, the difference between the Pentax and a 36MP camera, you don’t find advantages for MF.  So, I’m very sure that if your bread with butter are billboards this 5DS should make your day.


EM 5 II of OLYMPUS is a surprise and a bizarre surprise. The 16MP remains. What a pitty!!! If you love studio work then this new EM-5 is a cheap way to obtain impressive huge files, almost like a Sony a7R… Yes. A 16MP is able to reach a 36MP and without blood of your wallet (the EM-5 II just begs you $ 1.100 to be yours).


And how does it work for God sake???


The way is the “High Resolution mode” that allows you to obtain files of 40MP in JPEG  and (take a glass of water) 64MP in RAW. The sensor is able to move meanwhile 8 frames are captures; then they are combined and voila !!!


Imaging Resource (www.imaging-resource.com/) and other sites has published the JPEG and despite of  some tiny issues (at 100%) they are excellent. The bad story is that this mode just works in studio conditions.


AND SONY is boring me. There are a bunch of glasses coming right now, but I don’t find a precious zoom for street. A 24-240mm??  It`s just for tourists. I need a more compact lens with a medium reach, it`s a joke this 10X zoom.


I’ll be here waiting for a surprise from Fujifilm (???)  or for a 5D Mark IV that weights only 500g.


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The Japanese Compact Camera Market


Compact Camera Market: The Wild Jungle



bcnranking-2014-brand-sharesThe toughest aspect of the camera market is the changing technology. Patents come over and over. Some work, others don’t or even some never are born. Red numbers terrify every brand. Nobody is safe. Let`s see the Japanese compact camera market.
In 2014, in this wild landscape, with wounds and tears, Sony and Olympus appears like some sort of winners. They head the following chart elaborated by http://dicahub.com and commented in Fujirumors.


Remember: the chart belongs to the Japanese market (2014), the bigger in the world about photographic gear.
I just point some of the myriad of projections about the evolution of still photo camera market after checking the numbers.
1. Of course Sony and Olympus offer different products: the first one combines into the compact system two kind of sensor: APS-C and FF. Olympus mainly offers micro MFT and some MFT. None of them are bigger than APS-C. Nevertheless, the final camera managed to satisfy enthusiasts, semi-pros and even pros. And sometimes more than satisfying, Olympus has been able to become a love mark with its superb optics. Then, Sony and Olympus are selling tons of small cameras for very different users.
2. In this context, we can be sure that the evolution of the gear toward a general compact system is a fact and the pentaprism and the mirror will remain like a sort of exclusive system for some pros or snobs. But the actual electronic viewfinder (EVF) still should be better.
3. They say that Canon pretend to take a great share in the mirrorless camera market in 2017. If it were true, this year we should see the first serious effort of Canon. BS cameras like the M-serie never more… Some sources (CanonWatch) points that this 2015 we see a mirrorless FF. This fact could be an earthquake for Olympus, Panasonic and Fujifilm… Sony would face a great challenge for its small FF.


PS: Canon keeps the M serie… And the EV is optional… BS.



4. The sad story about this World War would be the disappearance of some brands. It’s not the first time we hear about this ending: Sony could absorb Olympus; Panasonic could buy Ricoh or build a joint venture with Fujifilm, but after that just one name will prevail. Pretending to foresee more it’s harder right now.


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Sony a7S: power in the darkness


Yesterday I noticed that according to Imaging-Resource, the Sony a7S is capable to yield ISO 6400 prints of 13”x19”. It’s the same size of a a7R file !!!!
The shocking detail about this result it’s that we are talking on two cameras with a huge, really huge difference (nominal) of pixels. The a7S owns a 12MP CMOS, an extremely atypical amount in this era of sensors with steroids; meanwhile, the a7R sensor reaches 36MP.  I said “nominal” difference, because the pixels in the a7S are bigger that those ones of the a7R. And that size allows that more light (more data) be used to form a better electrical charges, and so interpolation is not so massive like in the ordinary sensors.


But, really a 12MP camera is able to reach a 36MP gear @ ISO 6400 prints??? C’mon man!!!
William Brawley, author of  the tests of the review, have said me that there’s no typo; the a7S really makes ISO 6400 prints of 13”x19”. Even, -Brawley added, he observed that the results with the a7S are slightly better comparing with the 36MP a7R.
The prints are made using in-camera JPEGs at default settings.
Of course, at base ISO, the 36MP a7R offers prints of astronomical measurements. So the point it’s that if you don’t need more than 20”X30” prints (base ISO), the a7S is the monster of the darkness (or the hero).


Sony, I wanna marry you! But I need better lenses (a 24-100 mm or a 24-120 mm), and IBIS, and touchscreen…


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