Sony a7S: power in the darkness


Yesterday I noticed that according to Imaging-Resource, the Sony a7S is capable to yield ISO 6400 prints of 13”x19”. It’s the same size of a a7R file !!!!
The shocking detail about this result it’s that we are talking on two cameras with a huge, really huge difference (nominal) of pixels. The a7S owns a 12MP CMOS, an extremely atypical amount in this era of sensors with steroids; meanwhile, the a7R sensor reaches 36MP.  I said “nominal” difference, because the pixels in the a7S are bigger that those ones of the a7R. And that size allows that more light (more data) be used to form a better electrical charges, and so interpolation is not so massive like in the ordinary sensors.


But, really a 12MP camera is able to reach a 36MP gear @ ISO 6400 prints??? C’mon man!!!
William Brawley, author of  the tests of the review, have said me that there’s no typo; the a7S really makes ISO 6400 prints of 13”x19”. Even, -Brawley added, he observed that the results with the a7S are slightly better comparing with the 36MP a7R.
The prints are made using in-camera JPEGs at default settings.
Of course, at base ISO, the 36MP a7R offers prints of astronomical measurements. So the point it’s that if you don’t need more than 20”X30” prints (base ISO), the a7S is the monster of the darkness (or the hero).


Sony, I wanna marry you! But I need better lenses (a 24-100 mm or a 24-120 mm), and IBIS, and touchscreen…


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