Canon 5D Mark IV

After some months the fog still covers the next 5D. Meanwhile the 50MP twins (5Ds and 5DsR) seem to be a great success. Maybe this is the main explanation about the delay in the announcement of the successor of 5D Mark III. Or maybe the power of Sony a7R Mark II has become in a challenge for Canon in order to reach those high parameters of the Sony sensor.

A serious source, Canonrumors (and not that nikon-fan page dpreview) states very clear that the new 5D will keep in the shadows some months more. And of course the Administrator assures that the 50MP twins are not the successors.

An interesting and indirect data will come with the 1-D X Mark II. This camera is coming very soon. Its features could give us some clues to guess those of the next 5D. Right now we can assure that the number of MP of the new 5D should be “conservative”: below 50MP and maybe 20MP or slightly more (24MP? 20MP). I doubt some 18MP that sounds months ago. I guess Canon will offer a sort of Sony A7 S II: powerful in low light, versatile 4K no doubt and faster. Therefore, the resolution won’t be a competition for the twins but the ISO 12800 will be a wow. So when Sony A7S Mark II appears (December more or less?) the great difference will be once again weight and glass system. I hope the 5D Mark IV loses at least 150g or 5 oz. Nothing impressive, but my back will say thanks.

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