Sony a7S Mark II

Sony a7S Mark II: heavier = 650g; same 12 MP sensor but now with 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization system (IBIS) and internal 4K recording with higher dynamic range

I think that if the new a7S Mark II would have increased the 12MP, then thanks to its super clean base ISO it could challenge the sales of the a7 Mark II, that despite of 24MP would have lost resolution advantage over a7S.

Then for Sony, three niches keep its zone:

* a7R Mark II and 42MP: the greatest resolution for greatest prints; Super 35mm 4K movie recording

* a7 Mark II and 24MP: great resolutions but no 4k; and cheaper;

* a7S Mark II: great prints along base ISO to astronomical ISO (but between ISO 100-1600 the a7 Mark II offers bigger prints) and 4K

Seen all these features, the question for me a Canon user is what about 5D Mark IV?

I loved the concept of the a7S (I and II), but without a really good standard zoom, I can’t let Canon system (I know it`s my personal case). So I hope that the next 5D gives me an impressive better ISO 6400, maybe a slightly lighter body, and nothing else…

Canon don’t allow me dream about nothing really impressive: IBIS, touch screen, eye-controlled focusing (ECF), multiple AF point-linked spot metering (only in heavier bodies), a new body with just 700g, etc. Nothing.

I’m boring with Canon cameras. I don’t need a new toy to have fun… But that dream gear would make my work funnier, oh yes.


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