According to Fujirumors, Fujifilm is developing right now a bigger sensor, i.e. something bigger than an APS-C.


The bets go for three cards: an APS-H, a FF or a MF.


It’s obvious to me that there`s just one sure winner: a FF.


There`s no room for an APS-H or for a MF. The first one would be really weird in a world that tries to see changes under some well-known rules. Look, Sigma and Foveon sensor…; that elephant was thrown through the window very fast.


It would be a Fujifilm MF? No. A MF appears when your company accepts that you can`t get a bigger portion of the cake. Fuji selling a MF is a Fuji searching another market, maybe richer, but smaller. No, that concept doesn`t belong to vision of Fuji (Well a different scene it’s when a huge company is able to diversify the products that offer standing on a long and solid background; Fuji still is fighting to get a better position in the market).


I think that engineers of Fujifilm are trying to satisfy the expectations of many about more pixels. With the XT-1, Fujifilm should have seen that an APS-C sensor doesn’t allow more that 16MP with great high ISOS. Yes, there out Sony is selling tons of A6000 with a 24MP APS-C sensor. Nevertheless, Fujifilm desire not just a “decent” ISO 6400. The goal is something really better.


So, Fujifilm –maybe- is going to build a sort of Sony a7… With ergonomics more efficient and faster times and funnier… And if that small FF would own much better lenses…


Fujifilm has built a remarkable system of glasses for APS-C. If Fujifilm would be able to build glasses so good for a FF system, a new kingdom shall be born.


But, the question is how small and light could be that hypothetical line of glasses. And, the Fuji success with lenses for APS-C line is not a decree that the success in FF is sure.


In the while, Tom Hogan has said that the new 50-140mm f/ 2.8 could work in a FF. I`m not able to find mistakes on his technical explanation, so I`d say: “amen”.
And that piece of glass is impressive. It`s 100% outstanding. And it`s light. Very far from the heavier FF versions… So, there`s hope.


And what about the X-Pro 2? Would be this FF the X-Pro 2? According to the source of Fujirumors the new and bigger sensor still will take some time. So there would be chances to see a camera in a higher level over the X-T 1. Or the FF would mean the end of X-Pro lineage… ?


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