The Japanese Compact Camera Market


Compact Camera Market: The Wild Jungle



bcnranking-2014-brand-sharesThe toughest aspect of the camera market is the changing technology. Patents come over and over. Some work, others don’t or even some never are born. Red numbers terrify every brand. Nobody is safe. Let`s see the Japanese compact camera market.
In 2014, in this wild landscape, with wounds and tears, Sony and Olympus appears like some sort of winners. They head the following chart elaborated by and commented in Fujirumors.


Remember: the chart belongs to the Japanese market (2014), the bigger in the world about photographic gear.
I just point some of the myriad of projections about the evolution of still photo camera market after checking the numbers.
1. Of course Sony and Olympus offer different products: the first one combines into the compact system two kind of sensor: APS-C and FF. Olympus mainly offers micro MFT and some MFT. None of them are bigger than APS-C. Nevertheless, the final camera managed to satisfy enthusiasts, semi-pros and even pros. And sometimes more than satisfying, Olympus has been able to become a love mark with its superb optics. Then, Sony and Olympus are selling tons of small cameras for very different users.
2. In this context, we can be sure that the evolution of the gear toward a general compact system is a fact and the pentaprism and the mirror will remain like a sort of exclusive system for some pros or snobs. But the actual electronic viewfinder (EVF) still should be better.
3. They say that Canon pretend to take a great share in the mirrorless camera market in 2017. If it were true, this year we should see the first serious effort of Canon. BS cameras like the M-serie never more… Some sources (CanonWatch) points that this 2015 we see a mirrorless FF. This fact could be an earthquake for Olympus, Panasonic and Fujifilm… Sony would face a great challenge for its small FF.


PS: Canon keeps the M serie… And the EV is optional… BS.



4. The sad story about this World War would be the disappearance of some brands. It’s not the first time we hear about this ending: Sony could absorb Olympus; Panasonic could buy Ricoh or build a joint venture with Fujifilm, but after that just one name will prevail. Pretending to foresee more it’s harder right now.


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